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3D presentations
made easy!

Without any programming knowledge, you
can create an unforgettable presentation
3D Ppresenter from APPsolute Mobility
allows an extraordinary experience of
contents from first-person-perspective
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Why you need 3D Presenter:

Presentations are meant to convey information and remain in the memory of the audience as long as possible. With an interactive presentation, the interlocutor is more effected, the memory effect is significantly higher. 3D Presenter from APPsolute Mobility makes presentations an experience that is not easily forgotten.

Easy integration of:

  • videos (product films, operator videos, etc.)
  • pictures (visualizations, graphics, etc.)
  • links (to further information)
  • audio files (corporate songs, etc.)
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  • Create 3D presentations:

    Define media spaces within your 3D object and fill it with any content. Videos, images and audio files are automatically converted into the connected media database in the proper data format, for easy integration without any programming knowledge.

  • Generate app codes:

    Before creating the app code with only one click, you can use the 3D preview at anytime to check whether the media sets are filled properly. With one click, generate an app code for mobile use.

  • Take advantage of 3D Presenter:

    With the implementing technology "Unity 3D", which is also used in the game industry, the spatial experience is spectacular and realistic. Playful and from the first-person perspective, you can navigate through the virtual object.

Key benefits

Easy creation

Removable media slots and automatic data conversion.

Intuitive user interface

Tooltips explain every single function. A step-by-step guide facilitates the handling of the system.

3D preview

The preview function is three-dimensional and makes it easier to check the result.

Get closer

With the exceptional memory effect!Playful interaction contents are better perceived.

First-person perspective

The prospective themselves immersed in the presentation in “ego-perspective”.


By transferring app codes, you’re always up to date on the user’s behavior.

3D Präsentation App

General information

Discover how easy and versatile 3D Presenter is.
Media content can be exchanged at any time without any programming knowledge. With the press of a button,create a version for theInternet, tablet or smartphone (iOS and Android)


  • presentations
  • trade fairs, conferences
  • sales events, etc.

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