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Easily create e-books
out of PDF Files

Scientists have proven: Multimedia content
has a higher sentimental value
With E-Book Converter from APPsolute Mobility,
you’re able to edit your sales / product
documentation for the target audience
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Why you need E-Book Converter:

On average, each company works with about 59 PDF files of all kinds. From sales documents to manuals, PDF files are often the most convenient way to present content. By Integrating images, videos and links, you can evaluate the static medium “PDF” into a valuable didactic experience. Content understanding is significantly increased, andendless scrolling is replaced by the intuitive “swipe”.

Easy integration of:

  • videos (product films, videos operator, etc.)
  • images (visualizations, graphics, etc.)
  • links (to further information)
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  • Create e-books:

    Load the desired PDF document into the content management system and expand it with videos, images, links or texts. Use the practical preview function to check your result.

  • Generate app codes:

    Is the e-book ready? With just one click, generate an app code for smartphone, tablet and desktop.

  • Convert E-Books:

    User-friendly page turning is performed via the so-called "swipe" or "wiping" motion. E-Book Converter is available in both an online and offline mode.

Key benefits

High memorial factor

By appealing prepare of your content together with the media mix in need of explanation contents read and understand easily.

Auto data conversion

The system automatically converts content in the right format. So it can be integrated very simple  in the E-Book via push of the button.

Work more efficiently

Quite simply you integrate existing PDF documents and transform static documents into a multimedia package.

Comfortable reading

The integrated scrolling function (swipe/wiping motion) allows an intuitive image handling. In the desktop version you can also bookmark your sites.

Simple user interface

Tooltips explain every single function. The intuitive handling of the system was extensively guaranteed by an additional crowdsourced testing.

Multilingual use

For its international using, all languages spoken in the world will be available (except arabic and asiatic languages). The content management system is available in both german and english.

General information

Discover how easy and versatile E-Book Converter is. Create one or more e-books, and with just one click, get a version for the Internet, tablet or smartphone (iOS/Android).
This video shows at a glance the intuitive handling of the software.


  • user manuals
  • manuals
  • brochures &catalogs
  • product information, etc.

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